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1923 – The blacksmith Antonietti

In that year, the workshop of Antonietti, the blacksmith of the village of Gramignazzo, opens. In that same place where today the business is run by the current owners, who jealously preserve some of its tools. Over the years, the blacksmith continues working in his workshop, known and appreciated throughout the area, until his death in the 1960s, when the business is passed on to his wife and managed by the very young husband of his niece: Erasmo Visioli. In 1953, Antonietti received the recognition certificate for 30 years of activity while the workshop had already shifted to the production of irrigation pipes.

Visioli’s challenge

Just after graduating as an accountant, Erasmo Visioli joins what had already become OMAG and assists the owner in management, of which he will take the reins from 1966, upon Antonietti’s death. In the 1980s, Antonietti’s widow handed over the company to him. As an enthusiastic and tireless worker, he successfully positioned it in the Italian and international markets in response to the ever-growing demand for components for irrigation systems in agriculture and animal husbandry. Much ground has been covered across the ages, seeing new generations operate always with the same spirit: customer satisfaction

Marchi OMAG dalla fondazione

Quality above all else. We ensure that at every stage of the process, our products are handled by skilled hands and with the best techniques. But we go further: our goal is to satisfy the customer 100% from the first contact to after-sales.

Concrete solutions

We produce with a focus on the best technologies to make each process more effective and every product better.

Quality of materials

We have chosen to remain faithful to steel both for its durability and efficiency characteristics, as well as for its lower environmental impact.

With us, your trust is in good hands.

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